Chen, N.; Li, S.; Zhao, P.; Liu, R.; Xie, Y.; Lin, J.-L.; Nijhuis, C. A.; Xu, B.; Zhang, L.; Xu, H.; Li, Y. Extreme Long-Lifetime Self-Assembled Monolayer for Air-Stable Molecular Junctions. Sci. Adv. 2023, 9 (42), eadh3412.
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In October 2023, Yuan Li’s Group, Hua-Ping Xu’s group, and Liang Zhang’s group collaborated on the design of self-assembled monolayers (Se-SAMs) on gold surfaces, where selenium replaces thiol as the anchoring group. Through spectroscopic and electrochemical characterization, they demonstrated its comparably dense structure to thiol-based self-assembled monolayers (S-SAMs). Remarkably, these Se-SAMs exhibited air stability for up to 200 days when stored in a laboratory environment.

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